We understand the role and importance of making your website accessible to as many users as possible,

And that also includes users with disabilities.

That’s why we ensure that we are following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG),

To ensure that your website is accessible to the maximum user and clients.

WCAG guidelines have set three levels of conformance to set and assess the accessibility of websites; that are A, AA, and AAA.

We deliver AA conformance to our maximum projects.

Know our process: How we make your websites highly accessible to the maximum number of people.

  • For users with visual impairment, we add alternative text wherever images have been used, to make them understand the shown image.
  • We add appropriate headlines to make the web page structure clear and easy for users with cognitive disabilities.
  • We make all the interactive elements of the website like links, buttons, etc. accessible through a keyboard so that users who can’t use a mouse can navigate the site easily.
  • Our sites are fully responsive with easy layouts to make them readable through all devices.
  • Lastly, we do regular accessibility tests to keep accessibility on track and fix any issue as soon as it arises.